Thought Leadership

Introducing the new Everon EV Charge app


We all have our smartphones with us at all times. As a result, mobile apps offer an exceptional opportunity for charge point operators to build deep, personal, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Engaging and supporting your customers is important at every stage of the relationship, but you need a better way to accomplish these jobs.

So we built it for you - today, we’re launching our new EV Charge app! Everon’s iOS, Android and web applications help your drivers to easily find available charging stations, start and stop a charging session, and pay for charging on the go. Charge point operators can choose to make their chargers visible to anyone in the app or just shown to selected users. This makes the app valuable for public charging networks, home charging, and everything in between. Our applications are available as white-label solutions meaning that we can customize the look and feel of the app to suit your brand as well as cater to local needs regarding what and how information is shown to the end-user.

Carefree EV driving

First impressions count, and we want your customers to feel immediately at home in your app when they use it for the first time. We also want to set them up for success, making it straightforward to know where they’ll find a charging station that is available, it’s charging speed, and how much they’ll pay for their charging session. ThEV Charge lets charge point operators interact directly with the electric vehicle driver.

With us, you are building the charging service on an existing platform where all customer touchpoints are customized based on your brand.

Find stations and charge

The first view in the app is a map where all the public charging points connected to Everon’s charging service are shown. In addition to Everon’s charging points, you can view and charge at charging points connected to roaming platforms all around Europe.

You can easily see whether a charging station is available, which connectors are available and associated tariffs.

How to get started with your EV Charge app

The app is part of the Everon platform that offers smart EV charging solutions to charge network operators and e-mobility service providers. Stay tuned for more updates this year with new features and more charging networks.

To learn more about how you can use Everon to bring smart solutions to your customers, visit our platform page and get in touch.