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Are you still investigating the e-mobility industry but lack the resources or knowledge to start your own EV charging network? Then let us help you discover the profitability of the green energy sector.

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Use cases

Commercial parking

Provide smart energy services at highway stops, street side parking and parking lots accessible to the wider public.


Make your retail site significantly more attractive for customers by combining parking with charging. Demonstrate brand values that customers will love and become loyal to.


Large businesses that operate a commercial fleet worldwide, fleet managers can offer EV driver services and gain insights into their fleet charging behaviour.


Whether you are a car manufacturer or a car dealership, Everon lets you set up a complete charging infrastructure to serve your customers with the smart charging solutions they need. Be in full control of your showcase car charging, your maintenance charging or your commercial EV parking.

openStart your own charging business

Everon is built so you can start your own independant charging infrastructure in no- time; allowing you to focus soley on expanding your business model. The world is in need of great business ideas that help us increase the EV adoption rate at an even higher pace.

Focus on your idea, let us run your business

Hardware agnostic icon

Hardware agnostic

We accommodate a wide range of options; connect any station that meets OCPP standards, making it part of your service.

White label

Customize your view and implement your companies branding. Choose main colors and upload your logo.


We are an international platform. Operate your account in one of 20 different languages currently available.

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The industry won’t be the same tomorrow, so don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with us. We are happy to guide your thinking and help you with generating a great plan.

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Adheres to open standards
  • Built to scale
  • Data driven

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