Facilitate EV charging at workplaces

How sustainable is your office parking? With Everon, employers can offer a charging network at their workplaces to facilitate EV driving; fast and efficient. The Everon platform offers a wide range of features from which both you and your employees can benefit.

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The Everon platform supports facility or fleet managers with all the tools to manage their on-site charging stations. Use our billing API to set up automated billing, create custom billing plans and set charging schemes to optimize the energy consumption of your charging stations.

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Create custom billing plans

Which workplaces benefit from an EV charging network?

Shared office complexes

Meet the needs of a modern office complex by offering electric charging for those people that travel by EV.

Logistics companies

For large businesses that operate a commercial fleet worldwide. Fleet managers can offer EV driver services and gain insights into their fleet charging behaviour.

Leasing firms

Leasing firms offering EV’s often deploy a significant number of charging stations. Using Business Portal, these stations can be serviced remotely and their energy demand monitored to optimize their load times.

General workplaces offering EV charging

Organizations with visitors and employees that drive EVs, or that have EV service vehicles can charge on site.

Benefits of EV charging at work

With the Everon platform, both facility and fleet managers can set up their EV charging network for parking places, workplaces or EV lease fleets.

  • Demonstrate sustainable leadership and innovation
  • Allow your employees to charge their vehicles at work, helping them reduce commuting costs
  • Offer visitors the chance to charge their EV at your workplace as a courtesy

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